Funding opportunities for local government

Do you have a new idea that encourages positive change, inspires collaboration, and will impact communities? Maybe we can help. Since 2014, local government and nonprofit organizations have used more than $4.2 million in funding to positively impact central Minnesota communities.

These programs are limited to members in Sourcewell's five-county service area.

Looking for nonprofit funding opportunities?

    Need just a little extra financial support to get a small project done in your community? Get up to $1,000 per fiscal year through our Community Boost Funds program. Entities are eligible for either one Boost or one Match award per fiscal year.

    2021-22 Community Boost Funds application for local governments (PDF) >

    Sometimes great ideas just need money. Our goal is to financially jump-start under-funded, impactful projects to help them get off the ground and reach a successful outcome. During Review Day events, regional representatives select which projects to fund based on their potential positive impact in the community.

    2022 Documents

    Register to participate in the Community Impact Funding Review Day for Local Government >

    2021 funding recipients: Community Programs Receive $600,000 in Impact Funding >

    Get support for your smaller projects that may not meet the traditional Community Impact Funding requirements. Sourcewell will match 50% of the project costs up to $10,000.* Entities are eligible for either one Match or one Boost award per fiscal year.

    2021-22 Community Match Funds application for local governments (PDF) >

    Hire a specialized consultant and we’ll reimburse part (or all) of your expenses. 

    Access program documents >

    Build, implement, and maintain safety programs in your workplace. Sourcewell and League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust cover 100% of training costs!

    Learn how to obtain free training for your group >

    Shape future community leaders and get support for your organization. We'll even help you pay the intern through our Internship Reimbursement Program.

    Learn how to apply >

    Receive funding support or get reimbursed for law enforcement, firefighting, and EMS/EMR training.

    Learn how to get reimbursed >


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